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Cadar Marine Equipment Limited.(hereinafter referred to as Cadar)was established due to the demand to provide advanced designing concept, specialized equipments, excellent project management and perfect maintenance service to meet the stringent requirement of the marine and offshore engineering industry.
Cadar, which was established in 2001 and registered in Hongkong, is a professional engineering company mainly engaged in air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration equipments and other related products of marine and offshore engineering. We aim at providing specialized equipments and service for burgeoning marine and offshore engineering industry. There are more than 60 professional and technical personnel who have been engaged in air conditioning refrigeration and ventilation system of ship for several decades in the company at present.
With their wealth of experience, we are able to provide convenient, accurate, timely and thoughtful technical service for ship-owners and shipyards. Kaihao Marine Engineering Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Cadar , was founded in June, 2009 and engaged in the assembling and construction of marine and offshore engineering equipments. Kaihao engage professional management staff who charges of the whole factory work management including technology research and development, equipment parts mating and refitting and so on. The ir products not only can totally adjust to operating requirements of marine and offshore engineering industry, but also they can satisfy the special requirements of ship-owners and shipyards.

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Tel: 021-63185528
Fax: 021-63185399
Add: 7F, No. 567 Zhonghua Road, Shanghai 200010 China
Email: info@cadarmarine.com
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